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Welcome to Painters in Hills District

House painting can be a pleasant exercise if properly planned and the result will be much more satisfying if professionals are involved.


Why professional painters ? For one thing professional painters know when to paint, what to paint and how to paint and the best professional painters in Castle Hill are AQS painters.

When to paint?  A general thumb rule is to avoid painting in extreme temperatures either hot or cold. Between 10-35 degrees Celsius is ideal for best results.

What to paint? The varieties of paint available in the market can be mind boggling, Low sheen, matt acrylic, ultra flat, flat eggshell,satin etc.,
A professional closely works with the home owner and helps decide the type of paint most suitable for his home. For example satin type of paint are smooth and velvety looking most suitable for kids' rooms and also for kitchens and bathrooms for more durability. 
For all your painting needs one of the best Painters in West Pennant Hills are AQS painters.

For exteriors, Premium exterior paint preferably acrylics with UV corrosion resistance are used. They retain the colour and more importantly do not crack or flake off like enamel. While a durable finish and ability to handle rough treatment are some of the favourable points for enamel.We AQS painters are the best painters in Baulkham and we advice our customers on the best choice of paints to be used.

For indoors of course there are lots of varieties , for example acrylic for ceilings, woodwork finish, low sheen finish  are now the popular choice in Australian living rooms.

Eggshell paints generally have a lower shine level compared to low sheen, both have a slight lustre and fits well for bedrooms and living rooms.

Semi-gloss is compatible for interior doors, trims and skirting boards lesser in lustre compared to gloss.

Gloss the shiniest paint of all can be used on door and window trims, doors and on walls it makes quite a statement but the also shows up imperfections in walls so the painter can usually tell you whether a gloss finish is appropriate for your wall.

How to paint ?  Preparation is important and only a professionally qualified painter knows the different surfaces and the proper way to prime them before painting. For example a primer should compulsorily be applied to any surface that has never been painted before. For any ferrous metals like steel an oil based primer is applied.For all your painting services in West pennant Hills contact AQS painting

Two top coats of paint for interior should be applied for a good finish and to get an even colour appearance.

As the saying goes, nothing a good coat of paint won't fix might be true if professional painters do it, and the best choice for painting services in Castle hill of course would be AQS painting.

And that comes to asking the right questions to a contractor namely do you subcontract your work, can you provide references,does your estimate includes preparation and after paint clean up which is a major trouble saver for the time pressed home owner and of course the most obvious do you use high quality paint and what are your recommendations for the different types of surface say for wood or metal . Take your time, go through the various choices available and if you are satisfied with the answers given by your painting contractor and a professional painter will only be too happy to clarify all your doubts and apprehensions go for it.

Proper planning and with the correct professional painters painting can be a hassle free and pleasant experience and the end results will make all the effort and time spent really worthwile.


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